Hello, my name is Alyson and I am a resolution addict.  Last year, I had over 20 resolutions.  They were categorized to ensure that in 2012 I would update and revamp every area of my life. I even mapped out how and when I would implement them over the whole year.  On further reflection, I don’t think it’s the resolution’s themselves that I am addicted to; but rather, the sense of satisfaction that comes when I cross a goal off a list.  And even though I succeeded at the majority of them, as I enter 2013, I’m realizing that the “satisfaction” I felt in trying to make myself over is nothing but a cheap thrill.  When I tear back the shiny exterior, I realize that underneath my resolution addiction is a fear of failure, a nagging sense of inadequacy and a basic lack of faith in God’s saving grace.  In the end, I must admit that my rules and lists will never save me.  So in 2013, I resolve to throw away my resolutions and simply surrender myself daily into the hands of my Savior.

(Ha wow only 2 days into my first blogging attempt and I’ve already made the premise of this blog totally moot!  Oh well, I think I’ll just continue blogging because I like it!)

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Stroke of Midnight

Twas the night before New Years when all through my room,                                                           Nobodies loins were stirring, I hadn’t a groom;                                                                                   My hopes were dashed, I’d fallen into despair                                                                                 For the previous year just hadn’t been fair.                                                                                And I was nestled not-so-snug in my bed                                                                                 While visions of 2012’s final bitch slap (a rejection letter from my dream job) danced in my head…

Ok, maybe I got slightly off on the meter there at the end.  And perhaps I went a bit too pessimistic on my summary of 2012.  It’s true it was a tough year and I was definitely not where I wanted to be at the end of it. However, as I awoke into 2013 to texts from friends who missed me, God’s whisper that He knows the plans He has for me and the Holy Spirit’s gentle reminder that God’s ways are not my ways… I am filled with HOPE that at the end of 2013 I will be in a much better place.

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